Welcome to the Intensive Remote School 2022

Welcome to IRS – 24-29 January, 2022

Welcome to the Website of the Intensive Remote School in Theoretical linguistics! 

What is the IRS?

The IRS is a winter school taking place on January 24-29, 2022. It offers the most recent perspectives on phonology, syntax and semantics within a generative framework, in a remote format. We especially wish to address Ph.D. and qualified MA students.The school stems from the experience of more than one year of Linguistic Flash-Mobs and pursues three primary goals:

  1. Theoretical: stabilizing terminology, comparing theories and highlighting crucial empirical issues.
  2. Networking: strengthening the sense of a shared scientific enterprise.
  3. Technological: exploiting the new facilities created by remote gathering.

Sixteen scholars will offer lectures (1 ½ hours each) where they will address the most recent results of their research. Instead of conventional mini-courses, in our conception the learning experience will emerge from the collaborative enterprise of different scholars confronting a cluster of related topics.  The school will open with a lecture by Richard Kayne on January 23, 2022. All the activities will take place in English. The course is free of charge. Apply by December 18, 2021!

What is this Website for?

This website is intended to serve three main purposes: 

  1. To spread the news about the IRS and inform interested people about its goals, structure and contents
  2. As a means to potential participants to apply for the IRS
  3. As a means of communication with participants before, during and after the events

Hence, under News and announcements you will find updates on the current situation. The menu item The Team allows you to have a closer look at those who made this all possible, i.e. the organizing committee and the lecturers. Further, under Program you will find more detailed information about the courses and their contents (to be updated soon). Finally, the menu entry Application will allow you to send us your application.

Here you can download the IRS poster.

Hope to see you soon,


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